How To Stay Motivated

For me, finding a way to become motivated can be hard, and I’m sure it is for many other people. Recently I have found ways to overcome that and today I will be sharing them with you.

Think positive

If you look at the negative side of everything you won’t want to do anything and will end up procrastinating (something I am great at!). For example, if it is a frosty winter morning, don’t think –  it is so cold, I can’t go for a run! I will freeze, I will go another day, think – what a wonderful morning to get some fresh air! Be optimistic, not pessimistic.

Set yourself goals

Setting yourself goals is not only a great way of keeping track of the progress you have made, but it will make you even more determined to reach them. If you want to reach them enough, you will do whatever it takes to reach them – no matter how hard it is!

Stay resilient

Although it’s easy, never give up! If you don’t succeed, keep trying and you will get there in the end. Don’t be the person who almost got there, be the person who got there! 

Try new things and get out of your comfort zone

Do things you have never done before. From personal experience, I can tell you that stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things can turn into something amazing, so even though it can mean facing your fears, it will be worth it in the end. This year I have done so many things I would have never thought I would do, but I am so glad I did them! Think of the outcomes – this is great when it comes to things like going to the gym or revising. Think of the toned body you will have after regularly going to the gym, or the As and A*s you will get on results day after all of those days revising. Of course, doing this will make you even more determined to reach your goal.

Start NOW

‘There is no time like the present’ – Start today, not tomorrow. Don’t keep making excuses (I’m the worst for this!), start as soon as you can.

Joe Weller recently posted a video about motivation, and it’s one I found really useful. I would recommend everyone to watch it here.

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