30 things to do on a rainy day

This list could be called boredom breakers – I sometimes, despite having plenty of things to do, find myself not doing anything and becoming increasingly bored by the minute. Whether it’s a rainy day, or you just want something to do, this list is for you. (waheeeeey that rhymed)

1. Scrapbook

2. Draw / colour

3. Catch up on YouTube videos

4. Watch a new series/film

5. Look through/organise old photos

6. Organise your shelves/wardrobe/drawers

7. Read a book

8. Go swimming

9. Try yoga

10. Bake

11. Practise a new make-up look

12. Start a blog/write new blog posts

13. Journal

14. Create new playlists

15. Discover new music

16. Catch up with a friend over Facetime

17. Go to the gym

18. Make lists

19. Paint

20. Completely tidy your room

21. Play a board game

22. Learn something new

23. Write a story

24. Do some online shopping

25. Have a relaxing bath

26. Paint your nails

27. Clean your makeup brushes

28. Create a bucket list

29. Create a photo album

30. Practise mindfullness


Have you got anything else to add? Comment down below!

Charlotte x