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Ways To Maintain A Positive Mindset During Lockdown

When I type the words ‘global pandemic’ it doesn’t feel real, but unfortunately this is now our reality. It’s a very unexpected and difficult time for so many people for various reasons, and one strong factor in this is mental health. Mental health is something I’ve spoken about a lot on this blog before as it’s a topic I’m very passionate about, so I thought it would be important for me to write a post on it during this time, specifically about keeping a positive mindset.

Each day is different for me, and weirdly enough I have found that I’ve had more good days than bad days, but of course this won’t be the case for everyone. So here are a few ways to try and keep a positive attitude during this chaotic time.

Have something to look forward to each day

Having something to look forward every day helps me because it keeps me going forward. At the moment mine is whipped coffee every morning – it’s something so small but it gives me a reason to get out of bed and start my day.

If you’re interested and you haven’t already seen this made on TikTok or Instagram, here is a quick recipe for the whipped coffee:

1 tbsp instant coffee (or 2, depending on how strong you like it)

1 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp hot water

Whisk it together (preferably with an electric whisk) until it becomes whipped. Then add to a glass of cold/hot milk (add ice cubes if cold), and mix!

Try and keep a routine

I messed up my sleeping pattern pretty badly a few days into lockdown, making my sleep schedule 4am – 3pm. Not good for me physically or mentally because it also messed up my eating times (I usually eat dinner at 6pm and this meant I was eating at 9pm instead). When it got later into the night I would sit and overthink everything, I think because it’s easier to distract yourself in the daytime.

I’m now slowly getting it back on track though, and the main thing to learn from this is keep a routine!! This can help keep an element of normality in your life during this uncertain period. I feel so much better mentally and physically if I get up and go to bed at a reasonable time.

Keep in touch through social media!

Just because we’re in isolation, doesn’t mean we have to be isolated from the world digitally – I touched on this in this post, and I thought I would mention it again because it has helped me a lot! I facetime my family almost everyday which has made me so much happier and has made me feel so much more connected to them even though I haven’t seen them in weeks.


Exercising releases endorphins which help you feel happier, so even if it’s just a walk round the block, it will make you feel better mentally!

I’ve been using an app called MapMyWalk and it has been really good for seeing what distances and how fast I’ve been walking – I would really recommend downloading an app like this because it has really helped me keep a positive mindset and stay motivated!

I’ve also been doing home workouts with the help of Shreddy (I spoke about Shreddy in this post) which has been so good for my mental health. There are so many free workout guides online as well!

Keep a journal

Keeping a journal of how you’re feeling is a great way to release bottled up emotions, especially if you’re living by yourself and have no-one to vent to.

Have regular screen breaks

Let’s be honest, during this period we are going to be spending a lot of time on our phones/laptops/looking at tv screens. It can be so easy to just sit and scroll on our phone for hours, which means it’s so important to have regular breaks from it so we don’t get sucked into a negative hole. After every hour or so of staring at a screen I get up and do some washing/tidying up to give my eyes and mind a rest which has helped a lot.


How have you been keeping a positive mindset during lockdown?

Charlotte x