A trip to Rhodes, Greece

Last week me and my friend Millie went to Rhodes for 5 days and I wanted to share what we got up to and the pictures I took. We went to Milan, Italy last month which was incredible, but this time we decided to go for a more relaxed holiday in the sun. I had the best time and would highly recommend Rhodes – it’s such a beautiful island.

We booked through On The Beach and flew from Birmingham Airport. It was all very straightforward.

Hotel: Avra Beach Hotel & Bungalow Resort, Ixia

We loved the hotel we stayed at. It was in an ideal location, the food was great and there was a lot to do every day. Plus, it is right on the beach.

Day 1

On Monday we landed at around 1pm and got to our hotel for 1:30. We had a cocktail whilst our room was being prepared (we were slightly early for check-in). After checking in we went straight to the pool for another cocktail, however it was very windy so we went and had a nap as we were super tired from the early morning.

The rest of the evening was pretty chilled. We went to dinner, saw the most beautiful sunset and then went to sleep.

Day 2

On our first full day we went to Rhodes town, which was roughly a 15 minute journey and cost 2.20 euros each way. It was a beautiful day with a slight breeze – however all the locals were in coats!

Despite being all inclusive at the hotel, we were quite hungry so we decided to have some lunch in the town. We found this lovely authentic Greek cafe and had a chicken gyros plate which was incredible.

The town was beautiful and we were pleased to find out there was a Zara. I find Zara a bit hit or miss at the moment but I actually liked a lot of the clothes in there. I bought a top and a cropped shirt as pictured below.

We went back to the hotel, sat in the sun for a bit and discovered our hotel made fresh pizza and gyros (and chips, salad etc) by the pool. This meant we ate even more food and then went upstairs to relax and get ready for dinner.

It was such a beautiful sunset (we were lucky that it was the same every night) so we took full advantage of this by admiring it from our balcony.

After dinner we sat in the bar and consumed lots of cocktails. We were then approached by three lovely girls who invited us on a night out – of course we said yes. We went to Zanzibar in Rhodes Town. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the club but it was a good laugh – most of the people in the club were from our hotel, but I imagine it would be busier on a weekend.

Day 3

I woke up feeling *very* hungover on day 3, but managed to feel much better by the afternoon. We had a chilled day and sat by the pool eating pizza and pasta all day. I ended up getting quite sunburnt though – I think I underestimated how strong the sun was, especially with the breeze. This is your sign to always wear SPF!

I only ended up taking two pictures this day which sums it up entirely.

Day 4

On our last full day we went back to Rhodes town to do some more shopping, and I bought a cap from Zara to prevent my scalp from burning (I learnt my lesson from the previous day).

We came across many cats

This ended up being the hottest day at 21 degrees, which was honestly bliss. We returned to the hotel at 1pm and sunbathed all day (with lots of pizza of course).

Wearing my new Zara cap (pretending I’m not sunburnt)

There was another beautiful sunset this evening, so we went to the beach with a cocktail to take it all in.

Once the sun had set we had dinner and sat in the bar with the girls we made friends with on the night out. We played cards, drank cocktails and enjoyed a Beetles tribute band. It was probably my favourite night of the trip and, as you can imagine, we didn’t want to return home.


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